Filters & Whole Home Filtration


We help local Indiana families remove up to 99% of contaminants from their drinking water while also filtering the water for their entire home so you can enjoy luxurious baths free of chlorine, softer skin, silkier hair, whiter whites, brighter brights, & spotless dishes and stemware. Plus, you’ll love cooking with our water as you’ll taste more of the food’s flavors and fewer impurities.

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At Aqua Otter, we provide all-in-one whole-home filtration systems and under-the-sink drinking water systems which create better-than-bottled-quality water from your existing water source! Our systems are proven to remove up to 99.9% of common contaminants so you can be worry-free when it comes to the water going into your body and on your skin.

If you can picture your life with less time spent cleaning and worrying about what’s in the water you drink, then you can picture your life with water treatment from the professionals at Aqua Otter.

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AQUA OTTER Whole House Backwashing Filter.png

Aqua Drop Whole House Backwashing Filter

  • Removes organic solids, and removes or reduces chlorine, THM, pesticides and other chemicals commonly found in domestic water (depending on media used)
  • Adjustable Cycle Times
  • 9V Battery Backup for Power Loss
  • DROP App to Control System from Anywhere
  • Water Usage Data and History
  • Provides text messages, emails and/or push notifications system information to your smartphone.
  • Proprietary two valve manual bypass with 1” MNPT Connections.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made & manufactured in the U.S.

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AQUA OTTER Whole House Cartridge.png

Aqua Drop Whole House Cartridge

  • Removes chlorine and sediment
  • Provides Cartridge Replacement Notification
  • 9V Battery Backup for Power Loss
  • Full flow 1” services lines for whole house performance of up to 25 gpm
  • DROP App to Control System from Anywhere
  • Water Usage Data and History
  • Provides text messages, emails and/or push notifications system information to your smartphone
  • Top Dust Cover keeps dust and dirt from accumulating and getting inside housing during filter change
  • Proprietary two valve motorized bypass with 1” MNPT Connections
  • 5 Year Warranty on tank and valve
  • 1 Year Warranty on electronics
  • Made & manufactured in the U.S.

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AQUA OTTER 300 Series Whole House Water Filter.png

Aqua Otter 300 Series Whole House Water Filter

  • 300 Series Control Valve
  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled control valve for advanced diagnostics and simplified setup (optional turbine meter required to obtain water data)
  • Enpress® Vortech™ distributor plate - provide vigorous backwash with no gravel underbed needed
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Battery Back-Up
  • High backwash flow capability
  • Plastic Bypass with 1" MNPT plastic connectors
  • Poly wound mineral tank
  • Optional dome file hole and closure
  • Other valve options available at an additional cost
  • Optional "natural" color
  • No chemical regenerants required
  • Made & manufactured in the U.S.
AQUA OTTER 300 Series Whole House Water Filter (1).png

Aqua Otter Whole House Water Filter

  • Backlit LCD Displays Time of Day and Days remaining Until Backwash
  • High Backwash Capacity
  • Poly Wound Mineral Tank
  • Bypass Valve Included
  • All Filters are Sold with Exclusive Proprietary Media
  • Optional Dome Fill Hole and Closure
  • Under bed Gravel Installed
  • Fully Adjustable Cycles
  • Made & manufactured in the U.S.
  • Rust in well water

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If you’re like most folks, your home is one of the largest investments you’ve ever made. It takes so many little details all working together in perfect harmony to ensure your home runs like a well-oiled machine.

Here are three ways Aqua Otter can take care of your Indiana water, so you can take care of you and your family:


Chlorine is a nasty but necessary chemical used to disinfect municipal water supplies. Although it’s good for killing bacteria, it’s bad for your skin and your health. Over-the-counter chlorine filters for your shower and sink only can do so much before they themselves get overrun with bacteria and buildup.

Our unique Whole Home Chlorine Filter removes chlorine for the ENTIRE home so you never have to change another filter again. Plus, it cleans itself automatically and, unlike your mother-in-law, is seriously low-maintenance.


We all know the telltale signs of hard water. Just like flies in the springtime, those pesky hard water spots, scale in the bathtub, and embarrassing cloudiness on the wine glasses keep coming back again and again.

Aqua Otter offers a variety of hardness removal systems and house water filter systems that ensure sparkling drinking glasses, clear shower glass, soft skin and hair, and lots of suds in your bubble bath (of course now you’ll have time to be IN the tub, instead of scrubbing the tub).


These days we can spend hours, if not days, pouring energy into worrying about the chemicals and contaminants we consume. As an increasingly health-conscious nation, we all are becoming aware of the necessity of clean drinking water.

We’ve all heard the statistic that water makes up 70% of our bodies (studies show in babies and small children water can make up even more).

1. Softener: Point of Entry Water Filtration – Water entering the home flows through a water filtration system to reduce impurities and protect the entire home.

2. Water Heater/Boiler: Extend Your Boiler or Water Heater Life – Softened water removes calcium and magnesium from water which, when heated, bind to heating elements, fixtures, plumbing, and surfaces causing them to break faster. A house water filter system will help protect your entire home!

3. Kitchen Sink: No More Hard Water Spots! – Soft, filtered water can remove hard water spots from glasses, silverware, dishes, faucets, fixtures, and shower glass so you can clean less and enjoy your home and family more!

4. Tap water: Healthy Drinking Water – State-of-the-art multi-stage reverse osmosis drinking water systems that reduce up to 99.9% of common contaminants including arsenic, Chromium 6, PFAS, nitrates, sodium, and more. Plus, you can connect this system to your fridge for crystal clear ice cubes. Because your system will be installed and maintained by us, your local water professional, you’ll never have to worry about remembering filter changes or maintaining your system. You’ll also be able to choose from faucets that match your other fixtures for a seamless look!

5. Bath: Soft, Filtered Water for Bathing – Hard water minerals bind to your hair, skin, faucets, and fixtures which is why a water softener can help you protect your home and your body! A home water softener removes hard water minerals so your hair is shiny, your skin is smooth, and cleaning up your shower and faucets/fixtures is a cinch!

6. Shower: Dry Skin? It’s Probably Your Water! – Hard water and water that contains high amounts of dissolved minerals can bind with soap when you wash your hands, body, and hair leaving your skin and scalp dry and itchy. Many people spend a lot of money on lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics trying to counteract the effects of hard water. Think of how much money you’d save if you fixed the root of the problem – the hard water!

7. Car: Spot-Free Car Wash – At Home – A whole house filter system improves the water for the whole home meaning you can use soft water to wash your car, leaving it shiny and spot-free!

8. Washing machine: Soft, Filtered Water for Washing Machines – A 2009 study commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) and conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute found that adding a water softener helps water heaters and major appliances operate as efficiently as possible, while preventing clogs in showerheads, faucets, and drains. For example, researchers ran dishwashers and washing machines for 30 days and 240 wash cycles. They ran softened water through half of the units while using a hard water source for the others. At the end of the month, the washers using softened water were nearly free of scale buildup, but the washers using hard water required scale removal to work well.