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Clean a Water softener

AQUA OTTER Water Systems ResKleen Resin Cleaner | 1 - 16oz Bottle

When you buy any product, you always want to take care of it so that you can maximize it’s life. If you buy a car, there are maintenance procedures you need to take like changing the oil, air filters and other items. The same is true with a water softener. Of course, keeping salt in it is important, but all water softeners can use a little help occasionally.

One of the most important things with any water softener is to have a pre-filter, even if you are on city water, but it’s really important on well water. A pre-filter like our Magna Filter protects the internals of the water softener from sand, sediment and things that can be stirred up when the city flushes it’s hydrants or a water main breaks. The single most important thing you can do to protect your water softener is to make sure it has a pre-filter. Your car will run without an oil filter, but it will run longer with one.

The next most important thing to do is to use a resin cleaning agent, like AQUA OTTER ResKleen. This is a specially formulated water softener cleaner that is NSF Certified as safe but protects your investment and helps your water softener to operate more efficiently and longer.

On city water, you just pour a bottle in the brine well every other month and on well water, you should add a bottle every month. Of course, if you have really horrible water, you can add it more often to maintain its optimum efficiency.

ResKleen will keep your water softener running and performing well for many years to come. Call for price