Filtration Systems

Does Your Water Taste Bad?

Learn about water filtration systems in Indianapolis, IN

Your home's water may not be ready for consumption. If you notice a strange taste in your water, turn to Aqua Otter. We sell and install water filtration systems in Indianapolis, IN that will remove contaminants and chemicals.

After testing all of the technology on the market, we've only install the best systems out there, including salt-free water conditioners and high-efficiency water softeners. All of our no salt conditioners systems use FDA-approved phosphate to condition your water, to rid your home of hard water issues. Aqua Otter has researched all the other methods of conditioning water, and have chosen the phosphate systems for their premier effectiveness. We are the leading and only company in the area to offer these systems. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment for water filtration installation.

Top signs you need a water filtration system

A bad taste isn't the only sign that you need a water filtration system. You should also consider calling in the pros if your water:

If your water smells or tastes of chlorine

Smells sulfuric or metallic

Stains clothes and other surfaces