Improve the Quality of Your Water

Arrange for a water conditioner installation in Indianapolis, IN

Do you want scale free water? Aqua Otter can help by installing a water conditioner in your Indianapolis, IN home. We sell only top-notch conditioners that will address any hard water issues, scale build up in your home and appliances.

You can choose between salt-based and salt-free conditioners, but if you're looking for an efficient solution that reduces & eliminates scale build up and hard water issues, all while being maintenance free, we recommend going with our salt-free. Our salt-free system also allows you to enjoy the health benefits of the naturally occurring minerals that are present in water. To learn more about our salt-free water softener options, get in touch with our team right away.

3 benefits of using Aqua Otter's water conditioners

You may be wondering if a water conditioner will be beneficial for your family. Well, after installing one, you'll notice your:

Water tastes better

Hair and skin feel softer

Clothes stay brighter and softer