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Filtration Systems

Stop Spending a Fortune on Water Bottles

Upgrade your house in Indianapolis, IN with a water filtration system

Just because your water is treated by the city doesn't mean it's pure. If you find yourself turning to bottled water because your tap water is still unpleasant, consider a water filtration system. You can filter your water before it goes through your plumbing system, giving you clean, tasty water from every faucet.

When you're ready to ditch water bottles for good, call Aqua Otter. We install water treatment systems in Indianapolis, IN and can customize an effective system for your home. We'll test your water to determine what contaminants are present and set up equipment to remove unwanted chemicals and contaminates.

The chlorine and chloramine used to rid your water of bacteria are actually proven carcinogens and harmful to your health. The water you drink and bathe in, allow those chemicals to be absorbed into the body.

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What water filtration systems can remove

There's more to clean water than removing harmful chemicals. A water filtration system can remove all kinds of contaminants, including...

Chemicals like chlorine and chloramines that are used to kill bacteria
Volatile organic compounds
Herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals that find their way into the water system
Our systems will remove p'faf as well