Purification Systems

Enjoy Fresh, Clean Air

Install an air purification system in Indianapolis, IN

Although your home's air may seem clear, it often contains microscopic particles that can irritate your eyes and cause asthma symptoms to flare up. Aqua Otter can help you avoid this by installing an air purification system in your Indianapolis, IN home. Our products use needlepoint ionization to purify 4,000 square feet of air.

Our systems can reduce:

Mold and mildew
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

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How do our air purification systems work?

When you choose an air purification system from our team, you can rest assured you'll be left with cleaner air than ever before. Our systems include:

Prefilters to capture large particles, like dust and pet hair

3x HEPA filters to capture small particles, like allergens and bacteria

Activated carbon filters to remove VOCs, like smoke and odors

Advanced photocatalytic oxidation systems to break down air pollutants

Germicidal UV lamps to destroy microorganisms, like germs and viruses

Plasma ionizers to gather odors and pollutants together for easier removal